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Kevin Washington - Owner

Kevin Washington

My name is Kevin Washington.  I am the proud owner of You're Next Training (Y.N.T.), and I am incredibly passionate about seeing young men believe in themselves and accomplish their dreams.  I realized early in my career, that working with youth is my gift, and as a former athlete, I knew that helping other young athletes achieve their goals would be my career to pursue.  


As an athlete, I knew how it felt to accomplish incredible goals.  My junior and senior year of high school, I was ranked #1 in the state for long jump.  I still hold the PBU record at Mauldin High School (1999).  I played football at both the collegiate and professional level.  After being a defensive standout player, and graduating from Carson Newman University, I played Arena football.  As a new college graduate, I was the only rookie at that level to sign with the Orlando Predators (Arena Football 20 man roster), where I worked under current Washington Redskins’ head football coach, Jay Gruden.

After my own football career, I began coaching cornerbacks, at Carson  Newman, while enrolled in the Masters program. When that was complete, I decided to shift my career back to my hometown. For the past 9 years, I have been working as an Intervention Specialist for Greenville County School District.  This position allows me to work with students of all ages, helping them grow, and teaching them how to rise above their circumstances and value the way they view themselves.

I founded Y.N.T., because it allows me to train and coach high school football, which for me, is where my love of the sport began.  I also believe at this level, high school athletes can be molded physically and mentally into the athletes they dream of becoming.  Through Y.N.T., I can push young men to reach their goals and open all of the doors on which opportunity knocks.

My wife and our two sons believe that all blessings come from God. Through Him, I have been given the gift and passion I have for making each and every young athlete who joins Y.N.T. realize their true potential.

I believe that we can see kids accomplish their dreams and believe in themselves.  I want my athletes to put in Real Work, because that’s how they get Real Results.  You’re Next Training will give Results.



phone: 864-401-2935


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